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The Insider’s Guide to Franchise Financial Management

ew care to admit it, but the truth is undeniable: Running financial operations as a multi-store franchisee will never be easy! Your company is turning to you for financial leadership but as you add more locations and your organization grows, so do your challenges. Don't let your accounting software hold back your franchise's potential!

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4 Risks of Using Spreadsheets for Revenue Recognition

4 Key Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Track Revenue Recognition

If your business sells software, services or other intellectual property, then the rules, as well as the accounting for revenue recognition, can be a nightmare.   There are a myriad of revenue recognition standards that must be applied over the period of the contract or agreement. Most importantly, many companies are not aware that these rules are expected to undergo substantial changes over the next few years.

How to Improve Communication and Collaboration between Sales and Finance

In this video, Intacct discusses how they can improve collaboration between sales and finance teams using Intacct Collaborate. This product, which is based on Salesforce's award winning Chatter platform, allows all members of the finance and sales team to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently.

How 3 Software Companies are Streamlining their Revenue Recognition and Billing

In this video from Intacct, three finance professionals talk about their experiences with Intacct’s revenue recognition, billing and integration to Salesforce for their software and software as a service (SaaS) companies.