Webinar: Five Telltale Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Quickbooks

For many small businesses, QuickBooks is a great tool for your accounting needs. When your business grows, you should celebrate — not suffer. For growing organizations with evolving needs, QuickBooks is just too basic, requiring inefficient workarounds, duplicate data entry and spreadsheets.

Join David Fionda, CPA, from BlumShapiro Consulting for a brief webinar to learn the 5 Telltale Signs that Your Company has Outgrown QuickBooks.

If your team is spending hours on spreadsheets, struggling with manual data entry, poor integration and inefficient workarounds that result in a long month-end close, you should attend this webinar. Space is limited so make sure you register today to reserve your spot.

At the end of this webinar you will know:

  • What are the specific, telltale signs that a business has outgrown QuickBooks
  • How to evaluate the impact of these QuickBooks shortcomings on your business
  • When you should start planning to deploy a next generation finance system
  • What are the available options and costs to replace QuickBooks
  • What are your options for selecting and deploying your next system

This webinar is being offered for individual viewing utilizing GoToMeeting and is eligible for 1 CPE credit.


About the Presenter
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Dave Fionda, BlumShapiro Consulting

As a director in our Consulting Business Software Group, Dave works with prospective and current customers, partners and firm clients to assess needs and opportunities for transitioning their finance systems to the cloud, either through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or company internal cloud solutions. Dave has more than 30 years of experience with finance systems and has overseen more than 250 successful finance system implementations.

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Has Your Company Has Outgrown QuickBooks? Learn the 5 Warning Signs

If you’re a small business, you’re most likely running QuickBooks. In fact, millions of businesses use QuickBooks as their very first accounting system. Why?

When companies are starting out, they can’t afford to make huge investments in finance systems.  The spend $100 dollars or so and they are all set. They don’t have to invest in training and can be up and running in a matter of days.

For a lot of businesses, QuickBooks is the last accounting system they will ever have to buy because their needs don’t change.

What if Your Business is Growing?

But if your business is growing and evolving, your finance system needs to adapt. Your reporting requirements evolve. More and more people depend on critical reports and financials and need them quicker.

Most businesses respond to these increased expectations by compensating with manual entries, workarounds and the biggest crutch of all…spreadsheets.

As they continue to evolve, they add more workarounds, and more manual, duplicate data entry and more bandaids.  Now they are so in the weeds trying to get basic financials issued each month that they lose sight of how difficult their life has become each month.

The Key Warning Signs You Have Outgrown QuickBooks

Based on my experience with hundreds of companies, I would like to share with you 5 Warning That Your Company Has Outgrown QuickBooks. We’ll cover the first two Warning Signs in this post and discuss the last three in our next post.

Warning Sign #1 – Monthly Reporting Nightmares

QuickBooks designed its reporting capabilities for very small businesses.   In order to get more complex, meaningful financial reports, all of the data must be exported to Excel, summarized, formatted and printed manually each month.

Change a single amount and you need to repeat the entire process again.

How much time are you wasting taking all of these extra steps each month? What more productive and valuable activities could you be working on instead?

Warning Sign #2 – Disconnected Critical Systems

Let’s face it, as your company grows, your systems become more complex.

You need more systems to manage the operational aspects of your business: customers, time and billing, sales, orders, production, payroll, scheduling, delivery and fulfillment.

QuickBooks was designed to stand alone, creating disconnected silos of information that are very difficult to manage as you grow.

If you are only entering your sales data once a month from your billing system, it’s hard to have any visibility into operations during the month.

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