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Five Reasons Why Cloud Accounting Benefits Your Business

While many aspects of traditional accounting remain the same, where this process is managed has changed drastically.  Cloud accounting is becoming an even stronger force in the market of finance technology, and is quickly rising up the ranks of favorite choice for CFOs, COOs, CEOs and CIOs that want to streamline their business.

Why are so many accounting professionals choosing to move to cloud-based accounting?  Here are the top five reasons.

  1. Rapid growth.  Business is booming, and corporate officers need the ability to keep up with real-time financial information about their company.  Cloud accounting is integrated and provides real time results for better decisions.
  2. Low maintenance.  With on-premise installed, non-integrated finance systems, companies are throwing resources, spreadsheets,and valuable time into the the mix to keep up the need for information. The ease of not having to buy, store, and maintain software is a breath of fresh air that helps the accounting department work more efficiently.
  3. There is only one version that is continuously updated.   You no longer have to worry if your outdated system has security vulnerabilities or will break when you apply upgrades.
  4. For most businesses, payroll is one of the largest expenses. With cloud accounting, payroll is seamlessly integrated into your finance system, providing you real time insights.
  5. Access anywhere.  The top reason so many are turning to cloud based accounting is that it can be accessed anywhere with internet access. on any device….PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone.

To learn more about what cloud accounting can do to help your business run more efficiently, please contact us.

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