3 Reasons Why Your Non Profit Needs to Move to the Cloud

Do you think that running your nonprofit today more complex than it was five years ago?  Many of the clients that we speak with do.  Why?

The Madoff scandal of a few years ago, a Ponzi scheme that wiped out billions of value for a lot of wealthy individuals, had a huge impact on charitable giving and non-profits.

More importantly, there have been many reports of organizations, like the Wounded Warrior Project, that have spent fund raining dollars that should have been targeted to their mission, on lavish get together, salaries and travel.

That is why fund raising today has become more complex. Donors expect more information about who they are sending their hard earned dollars to.

Success metrics are powerful, essential tools for demonstrating accountability and transparency. The most well run non-profits use key success metrics to help them focus on their mission and make it sustainable.

According to the most recent Nonprofit Technology survey, many non-profits like yours are using cloud-based software solutions to manage their organizations. If you are like most nonprofits, you probably still have questions and concerns about cloud computing for your critical applications like accounting and financial management.

Get the answers by downloading “Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Nonprofits.” Learn why cloud computing offers your organization tremendous opportunities and advantages with limited risk. Discover how the cloud:

  • Enables mobility and remote access for your program manager, grant writers, board members and other stakeholders.
  • Provides real-time organizational visibility to management, board members and auditors, ensure proper stewardship of funds, and comply with federal reporting requirements.
  • Ensures greater protection of sensitive information through state-of-the-art security and disaster recovery.

Get this free white paper now by clicking here.


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