On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing the Finances of a Wealth Management Company: An Interview with Halstatt, LLC

Wealth Management companies often need to make decisions within minutes, not hours, and need an up–to–date and consolidated view into the financials that drive their business.

Listen to Intacct customer, Halstatt, a successful real estate developer with hundreds of millions of Assets Under Management (AUM). Halstatt uses Intacct, the only cloud-accounting system preferred by the AICPA, to generate their board book with consolidated financial reporting and portfolio analytics that help put the business on a path towards growth.

View this on-demand webinar to hear Jason Gabauer of Halstatt, LLC discuss how Intacct has helped his firm:

  • Slash the time to prepare reports and analyses from 100 hours to just minutes
  • Combine accounting processes for five separate funds into a single system for integrated accounting, analytics, and portfolio reporting
  • Do continuous consolidation across large numbers of complex entity structures and slice his financial data in real-time across fund, asset class, location, currency, and more
  • Move past retrospective performance reviews to proactively analyze and drive the business

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