New Benchmarking Survey – How Was Your Year End Close?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

For many firms, January is often the most difficult month of the year.  Why? It’s time to close the books and get everything ready for your audit and tax returns.

How challenging is your year-end closing process?

  • Do you spend too much time waiting on information from other parts of your company?
  • Are you doing too many steps of the closing process manually…having to recreate them from scratch each month?
  • Do you feel like closing the books is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and you’re always searching through hundreds of pieces to find the one that fits?
  • Is retrieving information for your auditors easy or do you feel like you waste a lot of time trying to pull the information together?

Intacct has recently announced a new benchmarking survey on the closing process. You can participate in this survey to share your January closing insights and challenges.  The survey should only take about a minute to complete and in return you will receive a confidential industry benchmark so that you can compare yourself to your peers.

You can find the survey here

Please make sure to use referral code CAB.  You will be asked for this code in the survey and need to enter it to get the results.

Intacct will be keeping the survey open for the next few weeks, so don’t miss a chance to see how your company’s closing process compares to others in your industry.