How to Improve Communication and Collaboration between Sales and Finance

In this video, Sage Intacct discusses how they can improve collaboration between sales and finance teams using Sage Intacct Collaborate. This product, which is based on Salesforce’s award winning Chatter platform, allows all members of the finance and sales team to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently.

In most companies, the primary way that finance and sales teams communicate among themselves and with each other is through email. With traditional email, there is no easy method to keep track of all of the conversations in a way that references the customer or invoice that is being discussed. Furthermore, if these email conversations happened several weeks ago and someone wanted to review the issue at a later point in time, they would have to search thousands of emails to find it in their history. This makes email highly inefficient for team collaboration.

Sage Intacct Collaborate allows users to collaborate securely in the context of financial records. Conversations are stored with the individual customer, vendor, invoice, or general ledger records where they are posted. Users can also attach relevant documents, such as credit reports, to these conversations. This approach allows everyone in the finance and sales team instant access to any issues in a way that they can be easily reviewed, understood and updated. Issues can be quickly identified, discussed and resolved.

According to Sage Intacct, Collaborate is available free of charge to all Sage Intacct users and does not require the company subscribe to Salesforce. Sage Intacct will provide the licenses to their users free of charge if they don’t subscribe to Salesforce.

Sage Intacct – Sage Intacct Collaborate

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