How 3 Software Companies are Streamlining their Revenue Recognition and Billing

In this video from Sage Intacct, three finance professionals talk about their experiences with Sage Intacct’s revenue recognition, billing and integration to Salesforce for their software and software as a service (SaaS) companies.

Alan Taylor, CFO of Adaptive Computing, talks about how Sage Intacct has significantly streamlined the revenue recognition process to the point where it takes his staff one quarter of the time that it did before implementing Sage Intacct. Their billing is significantly less complex which has improved customer communication and reduced billing questions for the finance staff.

Tanya Yakhnis, Controller at Tandem HR, discussed how Sage Intacct has been able to eliminate the spreadsheets she used to use to manually track revenue recognition for the invoices that they generated. All revenue recognition is now done automatically. Sage Intacct has also provided Tandem HR the ability create reusable invoice templates for each of the entities that invoices instead of having to create a new format for every invoice.

Brenda Luebbers, Director of Finance at Bizo, talks about how Sage Intacct’s automated revenue recognition and direct integration to Salesforce CRM allows them to easily prepare and send 250 invoices per day and saving hundreds of man hours every single month.

In summary, these finance professionals believe that Sage Intacct has significantly streamlined their billing and revenue recognition functions, eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets, allowing them to focus on driving growth.

Sage Intacct – Choose a Cloud Accounting System for Software or SaaS Business

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