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The Cloud Accounting Blog is an online publication for finance executives at small to mid-sized businesses to help them better understand the challenges and opportunities offered by cloud based accounting systems.

We started the Cloud Accounting Blog because our research showed that there is a lot of vendor sales hype, misunderstanding and misconceptions about cloud accounting. Our mission is to provide finance executives an independent, objective and insightful analysis by recognized industry experts.

We recruited and selected our experts because they have extensive experience with finance, accounting and cloud computing. The majority of them are CPAs. Our experts will share recent articles, research, trends, events, insights and best practices about the finance system challenges companies may be facing and how cloud accounting addresses these challenges. Please feel free to check out our:

  • Events page- Upcoming webinars and presentations
  • Resources page – Informative case studies, whitepapers and other research
  • Experts page – Brief bios of our selected cloud accounting experts

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We hope you will find the Cloud Accounting Blog beneficial to your company. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.

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